"Growing Connections" Mural Project

A community art project celebrating the Slow Food Culture of North Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto
at Virginia Bakery - 1690 Shattuck Ave. 


Community Projects:

Pedestrian, Bike and Parking Improvements

The North Shattuck Association has worked with it’s members and the City of Berkeley towards a number of public improvement projects along Shattuck Avenue to improve pedestrian safety, increase parking, and bicycle and transit facilities.

Completed projects include installation of bus benches, over 100
 landscaped sidewalk planters, decorative banners, and two grant-funded projects: a bike shelter on the bulb at Vine St.; and enhancements to the Virginia St. pedestrian crossing. North of Vine St., the Association funded and implemented a plan to reconfigure the parking to diagonal just south of Rose St. which resulted in 10 additional spaces and a new handicapped space.

After several parklets were created along Shattuck Ave. during speical events such as Park-ing Day and the Spice of Life Festival, the Association began to work with interested businesses in the district to develop ideas for semi-permanent parklets which could provide additional seating and bike facilities at high traffic areas in the district. The Association met with the City Manager and Transportation Department staff to develop the Parklets Pilot Program for parklet projects in commercial districts across the city with outdoor seating, bike parking, landscaping, and art elements.  The Association has organized a committee and allocated seed funds to t
hree sites where there was a high level of merchant upport and pedestrian activity: in front of Guerilla Cafe/Philz Coffee; Masses Pastries/Saul’s Deli; and the Cheeseboard Bakery/Pizzeria. Two of these projects have been completed to date: at the Cheese Board Collective, and outside of Saul's Deli.  The parklet for the Guerilla Cafe/Philz Coffee site has been put on hold, but a bike corral was installed there by the City in 2015.


City of Berkeley Parklets Pilot Program - Council Report

Cheese Board Parklet Design Video
Cheese Board Parklet Plans

Philz Coffee/Guerilla Cafe Parklet - Project Info Sheet 
Masse's/Saul's and Concepts

Virginia Street Intersection Improvements

Vine Street Bike Shelter Project Concept

Phase 1 Improvements – Shattuck Ave. North of Vine



Public Improvement Projects:

"Paving the Way" 
 Mosaic Tile Paver Project

Fundraiser for Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School Art Programs
2012 and 2014

In 2012 and 2014, the Martin Luther King Jr Middle School students, ACCI Gallery artists, and North Shattuck Merchants Association teamed up for a stepping stone mosaic paver community project.  Students worked with volunteer artists to create mosaic pavers using broken tiles and ceramics, which are displayed at merchants on Shattuck Avenue before being auctioned at a fundraiser hosted by ACCI Gallery.  All proceeds went towards student art activities and supplies at the middle school.  Artists learn how to work with the students, introduce them to the process of making mosaic pavers, and how to enhance the design using color contrast, simple shapes, texture, and different materials. 

Partners: North Shattuck Association and Martin Luther King Jr Middle School.  Donors:Heath CeramicsThe Cheese Board, Talavera Ceramics.  Artist/teachers: Larry Stefl, Kirk McCarthy, Linda Walls, Carol BevilacquaMitchel Rubin, Heather Hensley, Ana Vertel, Ellen Widess, Elaine Chu, and Karen Mason.
The "Growing Connections" Mural Project brought together artists and volunteers to produce a mural on the south facing wall of Virginia Bakery at 1690 Shattuck, with a theme  and goal of promoting urban sustainable agriculture, and the Slow Food culture of North Berkeley.  The artists worked with students from MLK Middle School to develop  ideas and images to be incorporated into the mural, and invited the community to provide input and support for the project.

The mural was endorsed by the Berkeley Cultural Arts Commission, with the North Shattuck Association and ACCI Gallery providing seed money and technical support for the project.  The artists have worked on several other murals and community art projects in Berkeley and the East Bay, and the project coordinator, David Stern-Gottfried, completed several large scale murals in Philadelphia.

The group held a Fundraising Party at the ACCI Gallery with a raffle and silent auction of neighborhood goods and services, and also encouraged community members to make donations and assist in the completion of the project during the summer of 2010.

For more information, visit the website for the project: www.growingconnectionsmural.com 


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